What is a retirement coach?

As a Retirement Options Coach I am certified in the proprietary assessment tools Retirement Success Profile™ and LifeOptions Profile™.

Why are these important and matter when it comes to a retirement coach? These proprietary assessments will help you gain critical insights into areas where to focus your energy to fully prepare for a happy, healthy retirement.

Part of the secret to a successful retirement is having the right insight, tools, resources and a clear path to renew and re-create yourself. That’s what Retirement Options assessment tools and a certified retirement coach will help individuals and couples learn to do.

Why you should hire a coach?

Retirees in the 21st century are living longer, healthier lives and are more informed than ever. There is a new definition of retirement emerging, we no longer view retirement as an ending, but as a transition to a new, exciting phase of life to live on purpose.


Retirement is a very personal thing. There are no “cookie cutter” approaches, everyone is unique. You want to create a plan to achieve your retirement dreams. When you think about retiring, do you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? Are you asking yourself "How will I fill my day when I leave my full time job? I still want to work but not sure what I want to do? I think I'd like to move but not sure where I want to live?"


Working closely with me, a certified Retirement Coach, I will help you understand your unique circumstances and together, we will design a personalized plan that will give you peace of mind and the clarity for what a successful transition into and through retirement years will look like for you. 

As an accredited ICF coach, I adhere to the strict ethical guidelines and confidentiality policies of the International Coaching Federation. 

Who should hire a coach?

Retirement Planning can be done individually or as a couple.


Whether retirement is next year or 5-10 years away, it’s never too early or late to make a plan that reflects your unique personality, profile and circumstances. While you may have spent significant time thinking about the financial aspects of retirement planning, many of us have not contemplated the emotional, physical and health-related dimensions of our lives to be ready for retirement.

Please contact Alicia to discuss pricing & packages.

Retirement Options Certified Coach Certi

What does your investment get you?

A personalized, comprehensive master plan for your transition and retirement.  The 1:1 coaching support will help you find clarity, focus and commitment to make your plans and purpose come to life.  


This plan goes beyond the financial aspects of retirement to include the other important areas of your life including health & wellness, career & work, family & relationships and personal success & development.  You may find this work very helpful to build a robust Financial retirement plan to support your goals.

My "Living on Purpose" package includes:


  • 1:1 Discovery meeting to discuss your needs (1 hr)

  • Complete the proprietary Retirement Success Profile™ or LifeOptions Profile™ which will assess and measure your level of “readiness” for retirement across the 6 arenas of your life; Career, Family, Relationships,Self, Spiritual, Leisure

  • Personalized report of your retirement readiness, highlighting areas that may require additional focus and planning

  • 1:1 coaching & planning session (2 hrs), working with you to prioritize and design your retirement plan

  • Provide additional resources, tools and information that will assist you in your planning


* Additional coaching may be required to complete your plan, coaching packages available upon request

*Please note, I am not a Certified Financial Planner and cannot provide financial planning services. 

"If you don't know where you are going, you might just end up somewhere else"

- Yogi Berra