What is your leadership legacy?

We are all leaders of our own lives, you create the vision and path to achieve your purpose. Every choice you make brings you closer to or further away from your vision. Uncovering your strengths and values will empower you to lead through life's changes and see the possibilities with clarity and confidence.

Alicia works with her clients to build clarity about what makes them You-Unique and partners to design solutions that maximize their personal and professional success, confidence & courage and unleash the best leader they can be.  


Alicia does this through 1:1 coaching engagements, workshops and retreats.  Alicia works with a wide range of clients including entrepreneurs and individuals navigating through life's transitions, whether personally or professionally. She works with you to develop tools and strategies to navigate and strengthen your leadership. 

Alicia achieves results with her clients through her 4 step process:


Step 1: Step out to See the Possible

Step 2: Improve your self worth to improve your net worth

Step 3: Profit from your Purpose

Step 4: Act with Authenticity


Alicia uses TILT 365 as a foundation for her leadership work, an assessment tool to build performance and leadership agility in individuals and teams. Alicia is the co-founder of 'Women.Lead.Now' leadership series, 'Roots & Wings' retreats and 'Healthy, Happy' Workshops; all programs building self-awareness and confidence in your leadership legacy.


Please contact Alicia to discuss pricing & packages.

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it"

- Maya Angelou